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The continuous practice of yoga helps to nurture both body and mind. This can play an important role in your wrap-around support, as it allows you time for reflection and contemplation. We offer supportive yoga classes with others who are looking for peace during or after a time of difficulty, whether this is a diagnosis, treatment, trauma or bereavement. Beechwood’s yoga classes help to bring about some peace of mind while keeping you connected with others around you.

What to expect:

  • A 6-week course led by a registered British Wheel of Yoga teacher.
  • Gentle, therapeutic hatha yoga and meditative yoga nidra.
  • A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Fully adaptable to individual needs and health concerns.
  • No experience required. Everyone can do this yoga!

Beechwood Tai Chi

Tai chi is a martial art that focuses on gentle movement, stillness and relaxation. The physical and mental health benefits of tai chi help to restore balance and well-being for anyone facing health, bereavement or caring issues.

What to expect:

  • A carefully adapted form of tai chi for anyone with health concerns and/or physical limitations.
  • A safe and encouraging space to try something new.
  • An excellent alternative to yoga for anyone looking for a gentler way to relax their mind and body.

Gentle Movement And Exercise Class

Finding ways to keep your body moving with low-impact exercise and help support your fitness without harming your joints. Exercise is also known to reduce anxiety, fatigue and general physical and mental functioning.

What to expect:

  • Classes are delivered by a qualified instructor, experienced in working with those experiencing and/or recovering from illness.
  • Learn effective low impact movements that match your fitness levels.
  • Create a supportive network.
  • Improve your balance, flexibility and strength – in a safe way and in accordance with your current health and treatment plans.

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